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5 Tips for Area Rug Shopping

A lot of us don’t consider ourselves interior designers so it can be sometimes a little bit complicated when choosing certain parts of your home, like area rugs. Area rugs are definitely one of those household items that can be a little complicated to shop for, and this is partly because most of us don’t understand their value and overall aesthetic appeal as they pertain to the desired locations throughout our homes.

We’re very lucky to have teamed up with Rug Source, a very reputable area rug outlet that has countless rugs for sale online too! By going through this list of 5 tips for area rug shopping you’ll have a much better understanding as to what to look for when you’re narrowing down your options.


So here are the 5 tips for area rug shopping you should consider when shopping for your home or business’ next area rug! 

Artistic Value

Area rugs truly are pieces of art, even though we walk on them, and you should think of these purchases as an art investment to help you get to the very best option that’s available to you.


If your home has a certain aesthetic to it, then you can work around these color schemes when purchasing your rugs. A lot of designers will say to start with the area rug in a room and then move from there, so these types of art investments truly are a way to begin designing each room in your home if you’re just moving in!

Area rugs are great ways to begin thinking about how you want your home’s ambience to feel, so think about your entire life’s vibe when purchasing an area rug!


Noise Reduction 

One of the main purposes of area rugs is to absorb sounds around your room while you and your guests are walking around. Area rugs are supposed to make walking around a specific area of your home much quieter, so this is undoubtedly going to be a major consideration when choosing between your final options. 


You’ll always want to combine aesthetic, artistic value with functionality, and the materials and overall noise reduction of an area rug will definitely help you determine which rugs have the most functionality.


You should always make sure that you’re giving at least 1 foot of space from the edge of your rug to the walls of the room it’s supposed to go in, so this means you’ll want to do your own measurements and know what size rugs you should put in each room.


This is always a major consideration because you don’t want to buy a really great looking rug only to find out that it doesn’t look right within the room you want to put it in. Knowing your measurements and overall placement of your area rug is going to help you narrow down your decisions and possibilities because it is an overarching aesthetic determination of what will fit, and what simply won’t. 


We don’t want anyone to think about the prices of an area rug as the biggest concern they should have, which is why it’s lower on our list, but of course everyone should always think about the prices of their area rugs and how they fit within their personal budgets.


Some area rugs can be extremely expensive, while others are more affordable. You’ll want to have a good understanding as to what your budget is and how far you’re willing to go for a true masterpiece. These are investments, but you should always think about what’s practical for you and your home, too.


What exactly do you want out of your area rug? The overall material will definitely play a significant factor in terms of the pricing of the rug, but if you like certain materials over others that is something that is very important.


Brands are one thing to consider as well when it comes to area rug shopping, but we don’t want you to be overly concerned with where the area rug comes from. But of course there are certain brands that offer great quality and affordability!

If you have any further questions about rug shopping feel free to reach out to rug experts at Rug Source through the link at the beginning of the article!

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